Visit to Goodhue’s Grave

I visited the grave of Bertram Goodhue at the Church of the Intercession, today. ┬áHe was the architect of St. Bart’s, and our building is featured in the monument. I’ve heard so much about this man, and respect him so highly for creating St. Bart’s #3, that I had to see this for myself.



An impressive feature of the monument was the winged horse sitting at his feet, sphinx-like, with a castle (or rook) for a headpiece. Does anyone know what this is?

The crest under the sculpture of the body is “Nec Invideo, Nec Despicio” which means “I neither envy nor despise.” This is a good goal for all of us! And there is a castle/rook pattern all over the monument.

Can you make out the inscription below? “Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue…This tomb is a token of the affection of his friends. His great architectural creations that beautify the land and enrich civilization are his monuments.” What a kind thing to have one’s friends do. And what an exalted vision for one’s art!